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Expectations – Experiencing Massage in a Safe Environment

This information is specific to services offered by Brian L. Polzin

When you come to Steaming Stone Spa for massage, or any treatment, you can expect to be treated professionally every time. I am here to help you with your goals, whether they are for relaxation and de-stressing or for relief of aches and pain. I will customize my approach each session to achieve your goals for that time.


During your Massage . . .

Make yourself comfortable; the massage therapist will gently move and instruct you throughout the session.

You will be properly draped at all times to keep you warm and comfortable. Only the area being worked on will be exposed.

Come to your session clean and wearing loose clothing; jewelry and bulky hair clips should be removed.

Avoid wearing strong fragrances in perfumes and lotions as a courtesy to your therapist.

Breathing deeply and regularly will enhance your massage experience.

Conversation is for the most part unnecessary: however, feedback is important, particularly if any manipulation is especially relaxing, or is uncomfortable for you.

Always remember that you should tell your therapist if any movement causes pain or feels unusually uncomfortable. And you have the right to ask to include or exclude massage to any part of the body and can change your mind any time during the session by simply talking to your therapist.


Massage is the sharing of touch – hands on body, head, hands or feet. Yet it can also affect your emotions and thoughts. You should try to free your mind during a massage. If thoughts of what you have to do or where you have to go pop up, let it go and stay in the moment of the massage. Let your massage therapist know if you experience any pain and/or what feels good. This is time for YOU, and should be enjoyed passively, yet greedily. Now is not the time to worry about your groceries, schedule or other tasks – this is time for your body, mind, and spirit to reconnect; all else can wait.

Additional Information:

Draping – covering with sheet or towel. You will always be properly draped and only the part of the body being worked will be exposed. I do not ‘tuck’ the sheet as some therapists do, because I never liked the feeling of someone tucking the sheet when I get a massage. I try to make a single clean fold to expose what I’m working on for a simple and very effective draping technique. It always stays put when the sheet is folded over itself. I use a sheet, light blanket, and heated table for your comfort and warmth (most appreciated during the winter). The coverings are personalized for each client for your individual preferences.  If you are uncomfortable for any reason, whether you’re too warm (or cold), don’t like the weight of the blanket or whatever, just let me know and I can make adjustments by adding or removing layers to make your session perfect for you.

What to wear – the styles of massage I provide are designed to be performed on naked skin to better access muscles with applied oil (breasts & genitals are covered at all times). The majority of clients prefer to be completely naked under the sheet. This is probably best to avoid unnecessary ‘tight spots’ from waistbands or even jewelry. Some prefer to leave their ‘bottom’ underwear on. This is OK too and would only be an issue if that client wanted specific work on the low back or glutes. To properly address most low back issues, access is needed to the area where most underwear waistbands rest and even to the upper part of the buttocks as those muscles are directly involved with low back movement. Your comfort is always first priority though.

What I expect – just like I will not make any sexual advances to my clients, I expect the same restraint from sexual innuendos from my clients. 99% of my sessions, this is a ‘non-issue’. I also expect clients to arrive reasonably clean – meaning don’t come in for a treatment after playing in the dirt all day without first taking a shower. You expect me to be clean and presentable – I only ask for the same in return. Arrive on time for your sessions. I book out time for you, take advantage of every minute by coming a little early to be ready.

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